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Bürgergeld in Deutschland: Flüchtende aus der Ukrai­ne­ haben sich ihre Zielländer nicht nach Sozialleistungen ausgesucht. Sie sollten jetzt nicht Opfer populistischer Manipulationen werden. ( taz.de )

Deutschland hat einen großen Bedarf an hoch qualifizierten Arbeitskräften – ukrainische Geflüchtete haben ein großes Potenzial, dieses Problem zu lösen. Das setzt aber voraus, benötigen Kriegsflüchtlinge Zugang zum Wohnungs- und Arbeitsmarkt und zu Bildung....

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Naja, das hängt wohl von der Meinung ab. Wenn es um konservative Meinungen geht, dann sind die öffentlich-rechtlichen vorne dabei: https://www.tagesschau.de/kommentar/chatkontrolle-eu-102.html

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Naja, streng genommen nicht. Ein Kommentar soll 'nur' alle Seiten eines Themas beleuchten, aber nicht die Meinung derer, die das schreiben. Die Meinung der Journalisten und -innen sollte belanglos sein. Daran hält sich nur (fast) niemand in der Branche.

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Finland’s free contraception initiative reduces teen abortions by 66% ( www.optimistdaily.com )

Finland’s multifaceted approach to preventing teenage abortions has proven highly effective, with a 66 percent reduction reported between 2000 and 2023. This large drop, owing to free contraception and obligatory sex education, serves as a model for public health programs....

Denmark’s radical plan for a plant-based future: The Nordic country is working toward ambitious goals to make its food systems more sustainable — and other nations are following in its path ( reasonstobecheerful.world )

Trine Krebs is sometimes called “the leek woman,” or even Miss Dry-Legume, of Denmark. The 48-year-old has for decades traveled around the country as, in her words, a “food inspirer,” proselytizing about all things vegetables....

China will "hartnäckige" Separatisten aus Taiwan hinrichten ( www.n-tv.de )

Die Regierung in Peking sieht Taiwan als Teil Chinas an. In einem neuen Gesetz heißt es, dass die territoriale Einheit "entschlossen verteidigt werden soll". Taiwanesen, die diese durch Sezessionsverbrechen gefährden, sollen künftig streng bestraft werden....

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Die ARD wird halt immer mehr zu dem, was die Programmdirektorin draus macht?

Beaten schoolchildren, military training, and Kremlin propaganda: new report accuses Russia of violating international law through 'Russification' of Ukrainian education system ( www.hrw.org )

Russian authorities are imposing the Russian curriculum and Kremlin propaganda in Ukrainian schools in occupied areas of Ukraine and have retaliated against school workers if they refuse to implement the imposed Russian curriculum, a report published by Human Rights Watch days....

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It's a bot with a funny human touch 😅

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This isn't an Italian problem, there are bad people everywhere. In Italy it's not better nor worse, so there's no reason to pidgeonhole a nation.

China geht immer aggressiver gegen die Philippinen vor ( www.tagesschau.de )

Zwei Tage nach dem jüngsten Zusammenstoß zwischen der hochgerüsteten chinesischen Küstenwache und der Marine der Philippinen im Südchinesischen Meer veröffentlichte dieses ein Video. Auf den Aufnahmen ist zu sehen, wie chinesische Einsatzkräfte Boote der Philippinen rammen, Ladung von Bord entfernen, die Besatzung mit...

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And one detail here is that mainstream media don't report on this. They do as if it didn't happen.

Client-Side-Scanning: 'Chat Control is Pure Surveillance State' ( netzpolitik.org )

The planned chat control makes the world less secure and more authoritarian, as it is directed against private and encrypted communication. Proponents are using disinformation, lies, and sleight of hand to push through the project. But chat control can still be stopped. A commentary....

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What a garbage! This comment doesn't make sense for a lot of reasons, but the most obvious one at first sight is the 'useful idiots' argument. These 'useful idiots' are exactly the far right-wing officials who get repoortedly bribed by China and Russia, and are criticized by their own party members for their incompetence.

Russia turns to blackmail and 'financial incentives' to hire Germans to spy to make up for expelled diplomats, German agency says ( www.reuters.com )

Russia has turned increasingly to blackmail and financial incentives to hire Germans to spy for it after the blow dealt to its intelligence services by Europe's expulsion of some 600 Russian diplomats, Germany's domestic security service said....

LGBTQ-Community in China: "Zu feministisch" - "Roxie"-Bar in der Metropole Shanghai muss schließen ( www.tagesschau.de )

In Shanghai muss das "Roxie" schließen - und die LGBTQ-Community der Stadt verliert einen ihrer letzten sicheren Treffpunkte. Die Bar stand offenbar schon länger unter Druck....

"Von China gekauft“: An der RWTH Aachen, einer renommiertesten technischen Universitäten Deutschlands, berichten Insider von einem korrupten System - mit viel Geld aus China ( correctiv.org )

Professoren an der RWTH Aachen generieren "Drittmittel" von Firmen, die ihnen selbst gehören und eigens zum Zweck der Geldbeschaffung gegründet wurden. An der RWTH haben mi.destens 21 Professoren solche GmbHs gegründet....

'Zwangsarbeit': Während seines China-Besuchs demonstrierte der türkische Außenminister Hakan Fidan seine Verbundenheit mit den Uiguren in Xinjiang. Doch seine Geste hätte klarer ausfallen können. ( www.dw.com )

Der türkische Außenminister Hakan Fidan zeigte sich aufmunternd. Würde China aktiv werden, um die Wahrnehmung zu verändern, die die Welt von dessen Umgang mit den Uiguren habe, käme das China ebenso entgegen wie allen anderen Staaten, erklärte er während seines Aufenthalts in Xinjiang Anfang Juni....

Forscher über Keime in der Donau: „Abwässer werden direkt eingeleitet“ ( taz.de )

Alexander Kirschner, stell­vertretender Leiter des Fach­bereichs für Wasser­qualität und Gesundheit an der Karl Landsteiner Privat­universität für Ge­sundheits­wissen­schaften in Krems an der Donau in Österreich, hat die Verbreitung von Antibiotikaresistenzen an der Donau untersucht. Sein Fazit: Vor allem menschliche...

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If you don't want your payments to be tracked, then it really is.

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This is true. A couple of years ago Tether (along with its sister company Bitfinex, a crypto currency exchange) settled allegations by the New York state in the U.S. by paying a fine (in the double-digit millions), admitting that claims that Tether was backed by fiat at all times was "a lie".

A major issue with this coin is that it is not subject to regulation by any authority (it's owned by iFinex based in the British Virgin Islands), so they may claim whatever they want.

I don't know what exactly made them choose Tether, but one reason might indeed be that they don't have much choice (alternative crypto coins are arguably far too volatile to serve as a means of payment for companies with higher bills). Maybe because the company has an office in Hong Kong as far ad I know (at least they had one not long ago). Maybe also because there is a higher volume, maybe because there is also a Tether variant pegged to the Chinese yuan (it hss the same shortcomings as the USDT, but a much lower volume). I don't know.

But let's not forget that it can be tracked as it's on a blockchain. If they seek to circumvent sanctions and hide their money trail, that's not a good idea.

In a nutshell: anyone who says that the sanctions don't work should read stories like that and they might change their mind.

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Criminals have already been using alternative ways to exchange data for a lo.g time, especially those who are exchanging images and videos (such as CSAM) as everyday messengers are completely inapt for transmitting such large volumes of data. And these algorithms will yield a lot of false positives too.

And it is the wrong signal to authoritarian countries as it makes people and companies extremely vulnerable. As Markus Hartmann, Chief Public Prosecutor in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said not long ago on chat control:

"From the point of view of information security there is to assume an increased risk [of hacking]. There is no special expertise [demonstrated by politicians] in this area with regard to the signal effect for authoritarian states."

[Original link in German, translation my own.]

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