The 'EU’s surveillance agenda' disregards 'essential human rights like privacy', rights group EDRi says ( )

The EU prides itself on its worldwide norm-setting influence in the fields of data protection and artificial intelligence regulation. Still, it is not always for the best when it comes to digital state surveillance, write Chloé Berthélémy and Viktoria Tomova from European Digital Rights (EDRi), an association of civil and...

Desert dumps: European Union, North African countries push migrants to the desert or remote areas ( )

Europe supports, finances and is directly involved in these clandestine operations in North African countries to dump tens of thousands of Black people in the desert or remote areas each year to prevent them from coming to the EU....

Russia is waging a shadow war on the West that needs a collective response, Estonian leader says ( )

Perched on the open ramp at the rear of a British Chinook helicopter, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas flew home from the annual Spring Storm military exercises, pleased to see NATO allies cooperating. But she later said that other types of warfare were on her mind....

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