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I somehow managed to break Visual Studio so that it can't render text in source code.

Everything else seems to work fine, but if you click on a .cpp file, it just shows you a blank window.

jkunkee ,

@foone Sometimes setting scaling to 100% jogs something loose so it starts rendering again -- but that assumes it wasn't 100% already

slyecho , avatar

@foone this happens to me all the time. Have to reboot, sometimes several times

SwiftOnSecurity , to Random avatar

When you see it you’ll shit brix

artfulmodder , avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity all i see is super breakout

malwareminigun , avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity That last feature is interesting; are we sure more filesystems don't have it? :)

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I'm disappointed in how hacking works in real life. I'd played enough video games to have an idea how it would go, but I've been hacking games and hardware for like a decade now and not even once have I had to solve a pipe maze puzzle

JennyFluff , avatar

@grillaum @foone at least in real life, you don't tend to break 3 lockpicks to pick one lock

foone OP , avatar

@JennyFluff @grillaum you underestimate my incompetence

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NASA and Boeing are getting comfortable launching Starliner with a known leak

Fixing the helium leak would likely delay the Starliner crew test flight several months.

jovikowi , avatar


IMHO, NASA should:

  1. Insist on making this flight uncrewed, and pay for it since it is their decision. If things go well--which is unlikely, given all of the problems in both OFT-1 and 2--great. If not, lives saved.

  2. Review their multi-layer review process that let 2 critical software bugs slip through to OFT-1, and now has let major hardware issues slip through to this flight. Something is deeply wrong with the Boeing / NASA review process, and it needs to be fixed.

neffo , avatar

flying with a hydrogen leak may kill people, but it also helps people get to orbit on time, so, it;s impossible to say if its bad or not,

foone , to Random avatar

Apparently DoorDash has started filling in missing item descriptions by generating them with AI.

I'm sure this'll not cause ANY problems

ADisorderlyFashion , avatar

@foone "Honey, can you place a grocery order? We need another loaf of dog"

Bel_tamtu , avatar

@foone whyyyyyy

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Okay now that cross Mastodon and Bluesky posting with Linky is confirmed you should see more of me. I’ve been selectively posting between three networks and it’s exhausting this will help.

k_kuhlman , avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity teaching robots to lie? Red Dwarf reference

keyboardg , avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity What is the consensus on BlueSky without Jack there?

foone , (edited ) to Random avatar

I may have accidentally been paying for an unused VPS for, uh, 36 months.

smiddi , avatar

Like a gym: They live of people who pay, but don't use it.

smiddi , avatar

And now look at all the tld, you pay for.

tazgetroete , to Random avatar

Steigt der Mindestlohn auf 15 Euro, kosten Erdbeeren bald 30 Prozent mehr, sagen Landwirte. Stimmt das?!6007024/

fedithom , avatar

Das können sie unproblematisch. Weil sich dann eben die reichen Säcke (AldiLidl&Co) und die Großbauern die Taschen voll machen. Der Preis steigt dann nicht etwa, weil die Jungs vorm Ruin stünden. Siehe aktuelle Inflation und reihenweise Rekorde bei Unternehmensgewinnen, steter Höhenflug des Dax, etc.

franckraisch , avatar

@tazgetroete zu DDR Zeiten gingen wir als Schüler Erdbeeren pflücken. Jeder 8. Korb war für uns. Bezahlung gabs keine.

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Oops lol

tuckerm , avatar

As usual, @SwiftOnSecurity and @lolgop are the most reliable names in political analysis.

dozymoe , avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity religion is a front, virtue signaling

The real problem is the billionaires helped by Clarence along the way

NanoRaptor , to Random avatar

I don't like to make a constant huge deal of it because the world concentrates too much on numbers and the baggage around them, and constant running totals are probably bad all up, but this morning I hit a 30kg weight loss.

Left, September 2023. Right, today. Also yes I am fifty something and my mother bought me a bun hoodie.

A photo of a nanoraptor looking a little bit more nano and a little less raptor too. Also I'm wearing a pink bun hoodie.

foone , avatar

@NanoRaptor this is exactly as I have always imagined you looking, to be honest

michaln , avatar

@foone @NanoRaptor I didn't dare to imagine, because my guess would've most likely been wrong, but I think in this case my guess would've probably been really close

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Google’s “AI Overview” can give false, misleading, and dangerous answers

From glue-on-pizza recipes to recommending "blinker fluid," Google's AI sourcing needs work.

KatM , avatar

@arstechnica “Needs work.” 😂 Maybe just a few tweaks.


kev , avatar

@arstechnica @nycki96 AI is getting too big too fast. I see it as a little better than a sweet toy, but wouldn't trust it for anything important.

tazgetroete , to Random avatar

Kevin Kühnert soll den Absturz der SPD bei der Europawahl aufhalten – und Scholz als erfolgreichen Kanzler verkaufen. Wie geht das? 👉 Kevin Kühnert im Interview in der wochentaz 🗞️

Unknowable , avatar

@tazgetroete Aus der beliebten Reihe: Wie werde ich den los?

Man gebe ihm eine unmögliche Aufgabe.

thoralf , avatar

@tazgetroete Scholz also erfolgreich verkaufen - wie soll das ohne reality distortion field funktionieren?
Der Mann ist noch langsamer in seinen Reaktionen als Merkel und hat absolut gar keinen Gestaltungswillen.

Ein leerer Brotkorb wäre nicht signifikant schlechter.

ralphruthe , to Random avatar


Zeitzeuge_64 , avatar

Mein Lieblingscartoon. Wir haben Hund und Katze….🤷🏻‍♂️

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The whole point of the "paperless office" wasn't to cut down on paper, exactly. It was misnamed.

It's actually a printerless office. If we can be paperless, we can finally be printerless.

PJ_Evans , avatar

We never went paperless, even when all the drawings were digital.

JeffGrigg , avatar


Printers are EVIL!!!!

😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

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After mice drink raw H5N1 milk, bird flu virus riddles their organs

No, really, drinking raw milk during the H5N1 outbreak is a bad idea.

LordCaramac , avatar

@arstechnica Some stupid American antivaxxers have begun drinking raw milk because they think it's a natural flu vaccine.

nazokiyoubinbou , avatar

@arstechnica No, really, drinking raw milk d̶u̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶H̶5̶N̶1̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶ is a bad idea.

Fixed it for you.

Seriously, there is a reason people in past times would either drink very very fast or do other things like make cheese rather than treating it as if it was totally normal to just randomly drink. The more people move towards what they call "natural," the more they move away from what actually is natural.

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