Beaver , in Finland’s free contraception initiative reduces teen abortions by 66% avatar

This needs to be shared in North America

Beaver , in New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist avatar

The zionists felt threatened again

Happywop , in What’s Happening in Italy Is Scary, and It’s Spreading

I sincerely believe that the right wing populism in Europe is the inevitable backlash to Angela Merkel's open door policy on immigration and "refuges" in the EU.

Mrkawfee , in New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist

German clowns

makeasnek , (edited ) in The complete list of European news websites blocked by Russia on the 25th of June 2024 avatar

Cenorship-resistant protocols like ActivityPub (Lemmy, Mastodon), Nostr, Tor, I2P, and freenet solve this.

theacharnian , in New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist

The majority of European antisémites have zero problem with the existence of Israel "out there". They are more than happy to see the Jews leave Europe for the middle east. American antisémites are fantasizing that Israel will be the site of the Second Coming of Christ who will then turn all the Jews into Christians.

This observation alone should tell you everything about why it is stupid and wrong to use attitudes towards Israel as proxy measures for attitudes towards Jews. When the antisémites pass your metric with flying colours whereas Jewish anti-Zionists fail it, your metric is just shit, simple as that.

Roflmasterbigpimp , in New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist avatar

Exist? Okay sure, why not.

Bomb a Population to a pulp? FUCK NO!

And thats why I will NEVER vote for any of these fucks again! My Party won’t make it into the Bundestag? I DON’T CARE! Because the other Party’s won’t represent me anyway, so I can easily vote for my small Party which at least represents me! 💜

AsherahTheEnd ,

Exist? Okay sure, why not.

Uh, maybe because they exist on stolen land, taken from Palestinians by force?

Roflmasterbigpimp , avatar

Okay, What would be the alternative then?
Destroy the State of Israel and drive out Millions of People, guilty and innocent alike, again?

Would that make this whole situation better?
You can't replace injustice with injustice.

AsherahTheEnd ,

I mean maybe Israel should stop their genocide and, I dunno, try to peacefully coexist and maybe return the fucking stolen homes to their owners? Yeah, some Israelis may need to leave. That's on their government for establishing an apartheid state and then attempting genocide to keep it rather than try to live in peace and harmony with Palestinians.

Roflmasterbigpimp , avatar

Okay. And now read my Comment again.

Exist = ok.

Bomb a Population to a pulp (genocide) = Fuck No.

brainrein , in China's state subsidies in green technologies significantly higher than those in EU and OECD countries, distorting competition, researchers say

The transformation to green tech cannot come too fast in order to slow down climate change, right?

So wouldn’t it be better the rest of the world starts to subsidize green tech like China does instead of trying to make China stop it.

HowRu68 , in Please update your subscription to europe@feddit.ORG

Wasn't expecting it to be that fast. Anyhow, seems we're migrating, check.

bokster , in The complete list of European news websites blocked by Russia on the 25th of June 2024

Just FYI. Both news sites that are blocked in Slovenia are well know for being quite (far?) right news outlets.

So your mileage may vary.

TheGrandNagus , in Please update your subscription to europe@feddit.ORG

Forgive me for my cluelessness, but what exactly is the state of that is forcing this move?

passepartout , (edited ) avatar

The only admin left that has access to the server has gone missing for some time now. In itself this wouldn't be too bad, but to name a few issues:

  • the frontend is broken (try going to
  • it is slow as hell and some hours of the day unusable. Nobody knows how long it will stay online at this point.
  • you can't upload images
Mechanize , in Please update your subscription to europe@feddit.ORG avatar

If I can make a suggestion:

it would be useful for the time being if - in the comments of the posts that will inevitably still be made here - it could be added a crosspost to the new community. Or a bot automatic message.

poVoq OP Mod , avatar

I locked the community, so no new posts can be made, only comments.

Mechanize , avatar

I actually feel this is gonna make it harder for people to find out about the change, having something suddenly disappear from your feed is less visible than having reminders when you click on a new post.

At the same time, cosidering the .org one is new, not a lot of servers/instances will have the community federated, so it will not appear even in the All feed for people, especially in the small ones.

For those reasons I would advice for a transition period, if possible, but I can see how it could be annoying to manage.

anzo ,

We could set the scheduled posts so that those left behind have the chance every week (or other time period) by a reminder. Just brainstorming. Anyway, this is sticky, that should suffice. I prefer the latter.

Thcdenton , in New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist

You know what gives a nation a right to exist? Motherfucking steel.

Aqarius ,

^Has not solved the riddle

Seven , in [Meta] It seems that communities are moving to, is it going to be the plan for this one too?

Even though is largely a German instance, content in English is also welcome. I believe that this has already been included in the sidebar.

I would also like to mention that was founded in conjunction with the Fediverse Foundation. This is a non-profit organization from Austria that runs various Mastodon instances. There is active and passive association work and also a larger team that takes care of hosting.

The current problems of in particular are due to the fact that the load is spread over very few shoulders and some of these are currently unavailable.

levzzz , in The complete list of European news websites blocked by Russia on the 25th of June 2024

Will continue getting my news from Lemmy, then

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