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Citing the January ruling by the international court of justice that suggested a credible risk to Palestinians under the genocide convention, the letter warns that the EU’s “continued apathy to the plight of Palestinians” risks normalising a world order where the sheer use of force, rather than a rule-based system, determines state security, territorial integrity and political independence.

“It was precisely to avert such a grim world order that our grandparents, witnesses of the horrors of World War II, created Europe,” the letter reads. “To stand idly by in the face of such an erosion of the international rule of law would mean failing the European project as envisaged by them. This cannot happen in our name.”

It urges the EU to officially call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, adding this to a list of requests that include officially calling for the release of all hostages and to ensure that member states halt direct and indirect arms exports to Israel.

Benetti emphasised that the initiative was not meant to be pro-Palestinian, nor was it aimed at taking a partisan stance on the conflict. “Rather, we signed because we think that what’s happening is jeopardising principles of international law that we deem important and that we take for granted,” he said.

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"Ahmed Alid, 45, an asylum seeker from Morocco, stabbed 70-year-old Terence Carney, a complete stranger he encountered on the street, on 15 October.

Minutes earlier, he had broken into the bedroom of his housemate, Christian convert Javed Nouri, and hacked at him while he slept.

Alid shouted “Allahu Akbar” – “God is great” – during the attack at the Home Office-approved asylum seekers’ accommodation, which Nouri survived. Alid then fled into the street, still armed with a knife."

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Well put.

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

This atack , but also some other events like in Paris, Switserland, Belgium, made me more aware of the risen terrorist theat levels, issued by a.o. Europol. Some years after 9/11 USA, I just got desensitised to it, or maybe I already was.

Anyhow, fyi Jihadist terrorism in numbers was the most recent and comprehensive info I found. The numbers now are probably much higher.

The results showed that between 2004 and 2022, a total of 208 terrorist attacks occurred in the EU, with the majority of these attacks (118) occurring in just three countries: France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Edit: added " jihadist" to link description , incase it was unclear. For more context, see also other's comments section.

HowRu68 OP ,

This incident wasn't a terrorist attack though.

apparent mental health issues

Well, both statements would be an or your opinion. But, as the court specifically investigated, these are the only facts we have atm, quote:

"She told Alid that psychiatric reports found no evidence of psychosis “or any other serious mental illness”

"Also The judge, Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb, told Alid he had “hoped to frighten the people of Britain and undermine the freedoms they enjoy” when he murdered Carney in a terrorist attack.

Also I'd put all kind of atacks as terroristic using a broader definition because a so called " political motivation".

Generally, I'd consider extreme right atacks equally terroristic. So, you mention thousands of atacks by right winged extremist, I know they've been raising. Happen to have some info on that, for comparison?

I don't see the need to downplay any kind of terroristic atack, by whatever political motivation they might have, whether , right/ left/anarchist or whatever. It's the killing of innocents that has me worried.

HowRu68 OP ,

Thx, always good to have some more context.

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

Just found this interesting background explainer article about the Bill: "In Georgia, Russian émigrés see familiar Kremlin tactics" france24 art

" This law is reminiscent of legislation that came into force in Russia about ten years ago which initially targeted human rights NGOs financed by Western countries and gradually turned into a powerful tool of political repression."

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

No MP yet, just a meagre 25 page accord. Main proposals could've been worse .
Also coalation will need accord of EU to opt-out for some stuff (mainly green deals, farms, and migration).
Financially, we'll have to see the outcome after several advisary organs run the budget numbers.
Upon which there willl follow more debates. We'll see how it goes.

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Of Israeli Jews alive today, 80% were born in Israel. A majority of Israel’s Jews are not descended from Europe but rather from Arab nations, including from the parcel of land known today as modern Israel. Known as Mizrachim in Hebrew, they hail from Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Algeria, as well as from the Asian caucus region of the former Soviet Union. Those Israelis who are Ashkenazi, the Israeli term for Jews of European descent, are increasingly the minority inside Israel.

author link

HowRu68 OP ,

Why? It's their fault.

As a sort of outsider afaik: many ( Germans) probably still feel the cultural guilt. Also, technically and morally the Germans have made reparations and ammendments ; still many have therefore a soft and blind spot for the Jewish cause. And for sure the Holocaust should never been forgotten.

But the diaspora started many centuries ago. Zionisim started as a (revolutionary) reaction to this dispersal, and as a wakeupcall for the ppl to unite at the end of 19th century iirc.

These (displacement & refuge) problems and in this case ages of racism (antisemitism) are ancient.

And just to be clear, they're not the only (lost/disturbed) tribe worldwide.
Imo, many palestines must specially now be experiencing somewhat similar or parallel to what happened to many Jews during WW II, which makes it even crazier.

It's just ancient history repeating itself, only the name, the places and the dates have been changed..

I imagine, and this is a recent discussion, that the UN charter and all humanitarian organisations must change and modernize our legal framework and organisation. There are and are going to be way more refuges and horrors in the years to come.

it's jut so saddeing as fuck. Idk

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

My response was in the context of that one spefic remark, earlier.
Apart from that, sure many nuances can be made, ofc.

But afaik, it was a Jewish person ( Herzl) who initiated it, and later asked support from European powers.
wiki Zionism

"The Zionist movement was founded in the late 19th century by secular Jews, largely as a response by Ashkenazi Jews to rising antisemitism in Europe, exemplified by the Dreyfus affair in France and the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire. The political movement was formally established by the Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl in 1897 following the publication of his book Der Judenstaat"

HowRu68 OP ,

Yeah sure but they just don't realize how bad the situation is.

I guess you must be right. Probably, outsiders ( like me) can't phantom what's really going on..

Thousands protest in Georgia after lawmakers pass controversial ‘Russian law’ ( www.france24.com )

Thousands of protesters rallied Tuesday in Georgia after parliament adopted a law to brand overseas-funded NGOs as groups under “foreign influence”, a measure Brussels has warned will undermine Tbilisi’s European aspirations.

HowRu68 OP ,

Russia has used a similar law to silence public figures and organisations that disagree with or deviate from the Kremlin’s views. Georgian society is widely anti-Kremlin. Georgia’s bid for membership of the EU and NATO is enshrined in its constitution and—according to opinion polls—supported by a majority of the population.

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

Not even curb really, just make transparent when NGOs are getting foreign funding.

Problem being with the BILL , is that's a copypaste Russian Law from Putins desk. And everyone saw what happened there when several 10th of thousands were arrested for protesting, ngos, newspapers were found illegal. Yip, democracic citizen etc were labelled as foreign influence, and handled as traitors . something like this doesn't bode Well for freedom and democracies.

This is about a (pro Ruzz?) actors in Georgian Government pushing a Bill without any democratic support. Nobody wants it.

HowRu68 OP ,

I think the point is different.
It's about whether Georgia adopts Ruzz/ Putins law or eventually, the EU law.
Georgia has EU candidate status.

eu foreign bill
But also this EU law is seen as a bit controversial still
"It has been criticised by non-governmental organisations who fear it could be used to silence critical voices in the bloc."

In an area in eastern Serbia, a steel mill acquired by Chinese company HBIS became synonymous with environmental degradation and health hazards for the local community ( www.onegreenplanet.org )

In the villages surrounding the eastern Serbian city of Smederevo, trouble has brewed over the last eight years. Once a symbol of economic promise, the steel mill acquired by Chinese company HBIS has become synonymous with environmental degradation and health hazards for the local community....

Amid fresh warnings that Russia is preparing “violent acts of sabotage” in Europe and NATO states, experts say there is already a significant uptick in what appears to be covert Russian sabotage ( www.france24.com )

Jenny Mathers, a specialist in Russian intelligence services at Aberystwyth University in Wales, said there has been a notable increase in the number and intensity of Russia-linked incidents for the past year, adding that “we are likely to see an acceleration of this trend"....

HowRu68 ,

FYI: The " FT exclusive" reference in this article is here

HowRu68 OP ,

Trying to upload another link. But it got hung up. "Are you a bot" message is annoying me^^

HowRu68 , (edited )

Imo it will fist get worse in the years to come, as decoupling has somewhat started where possible.
Also I don't expect any major changes from Xi Jiping or the CCP, in his (strict) policies in the foreseeable future.

European People’s Party to which Ursula von der Leyen belongs declines to sign letter condemning far right political violence ( www.theguardian.com )

The open letter calls on Von der Leyen to “reject any normalisation, cooperation or alliance with the far right and radical parties” and denounces a physical assault on German centre-left politician Matthias Ecke. Ecke was “seriously injured” after allegedly being attacked by four young men while putting up campaign...

HowRu68 , (edited )

I wonder how they are going to concretely translate this issue into legislation or praxis..

  • Some actors of far-right parties have been proven to be hostile to their own countries and to democracy.

  • On the otherhand these parties were officially democratically elected by voters.

  • And finally, why the heck are these poltician and or parties still not sanctioned, after breaking their freely taken oath to protect democracy and the interests of its respective constituents.

  • I hope our politician and the legislation proves adaptable enough to counter this new dangers, without loosing their core democratic mandate.

Hungary and Serbia’s autocratic leaders to roll out red carpet for China’s Xi during Europe tour ( apnews.com )

Chinese leader Xi Jinping will spend the bulk of his five-day tour in Europe this week in two small countries at the continent’s eastern half, a region that Beijing has used as a foothold for its expanding economic ambitions in Europe....

HowRu68 , (edited )

Best buddies, agreeing on the absence of free press,absolute control and stealing and skimming money from people. They'll probably just compare their bankaccounts and tip each other off for new" business ventures/ annexations, and how to farm the world of its resources in 80 days" idk. Got carried away.

HowRu68 OP ,

The dog actually barked at him, is that tagging? Anyhow, great instincts.

HowRu68 ,

Seems this Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili has it's own ( and or pro-Putin) agenda. Here's some background Meduza' feature article

In other words, [ some criticis find] that, while outward signs indicate a sudden pro-Russian shift, the reality is more complex than manichean geopolitics would suggest. “I don’t really agree with the assessment that [Ivanishvili is] pro-Russian, or that he gets directions from Putin,” Kakabadze says. “He cares about himself most of all — his interests, his security, his money.”

‘A lot of collective trauma’: Sweden’s Indigenous Sami people speak to truth commission ( www.theguardian.com )

Many people they have interviewed want to see better protection for Sami lands and livelihoods. Vars said reindeer-herding Sami suffer additional discrimination as strong symbols of Sami culture who are frequently attacked as they fight to protect grazing lands against industrialisation.

HowRu68 OP ,

"Media ownership concentration remained high in Croatia, France, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and Slovakia, with many media companies owned by just a few individuals, threatening the diversity of media voices and increasing the risk of bias.
In Slovakia, the populist prime minister, Robert Fico, has “cut off all communication” with four media outlets accused of “openly displaying hostile attitudes”. His government this month approved a controversial bill to overhaul the public broadcaster RTVS.

In Hungary, public service media was already “so completely under the yoke of the government” that its output was “characterised by biased and one-sided reporting that is always in line with the interests of the ruling Fidesz party”, Liberties said.

HowRu68 OP ,

Ukraine is also busy cleaning their house.

HowRu68 OP ,

Wishing Ukraine a good ( spring ) cleanup, though it's a hard & difficult job to do. And as long as they don't forget to throw the garbage out, it will be nice and shiny once again.

Espionage in the EU: Is the bloc ready to ward off spies? ( www.dw.com )

Russia has systematically maintained contacts with far-right and far-left parties, and other personalities and movements to gain support from institutional actors within the union in order to legitimize its illegal and criminal actions," the draft statement, set to go to the vote on Thursday and subject to change or rejection,...

HowRu68 OP ,

Afaik, there ECB was and is trying to lower /cap inflation. The logic being that the (pandemic) inflation ( and interest) rate was too high , and to avoid a living cost/ wage spiral.

There will be many more expendirures to come due to, the energy transition, failing international trade, political instability, wars, climate catastrophe, migration, new virus problems, etc. If I were them, I'd up my budget reservation for " unforseen costs " to a 20% to be safe. It doesn't hurt to build some fat before difficult years.

But, how do modern economics see this?

HowRu68 OP , (edited )

Tbx for sharing MMT economics, sounds reasonable enough. I'm no economic expert btw ;)

For sure I agree that in these time, major Investments are the only reasonable way forward, especially now. And, like you said, it's now or never.

Add NB: The viewpoint of more domestic spending is also adhered by Mario Draghi, as seen per his speech recently. (Link Speech multilingual )

At the same time, as long as we remain critical to these gvement expenditures, thus procurement, methods and goals, and watch out for corruption, mismanagement, incorrect allocations etc, we should be ok.

Besides our own immediate motives, we don't live in an isolated world; problem being that in our strategic choices as EU & memberstates we must consider the times & geopolitical tides. We must consider the actions of surrounding superpowers ( superstates and superconglomerates) ; which aren't in free-trade; are being creative by falsifying economic data, or stealing IP, have been influencing the market malevolently; are extremely subsidising their own products, but issuing tariffs to imports. Also, unlike the US ,which can issue extra" free "money, we as EU cannot.
I surely hope, that the EU guidelines, offer more choices and leeway then the old ones. For example, there's been the internal discussion of issuing EU bonds for specific goals. They are establishing and expanding funds, for future investments. How that will workout as to membership loan/GDP ratio, depends on then chosen configuration, I reckon.

HowRu68 OP ,

Energy dependency ( and competitiveness) paragraph P 62.:

True, energy costs in Europe remain higher than those of its major competitors. During the energy crisis, the EU, as other regions relying on imported fossil gas (UK, Japan, South Korea) has witnessed a trend of increased price differentials with other parts of the world. Gas prices were 3 to 6 times higher than those in the U.S, compared to 2-3 times historically and are still significantly higher today. EU electricity industrial retail prices are close to 2 times the US prices and are becoming progressively higher than in China. Such a situation will persist until the marginal price is predominantly determined by renewable and low-carbon electricity sources rather than gas. The continent's limited self-sufficiency in energy also heightens its vulnerability to sudden price shocks. In 2021, the EU's dependency on energy imports was high: 91.7% for oil, 83.4% for gas, and 37.5% for solid fossil fuels, contributing to an overall energy dependency rate of approximately 55.5%. In 2022 alone, Europe's bill for importing fossil fuels amounted to €640 billion, approximately 4.1% of its GDP. In 2023, even with lower prices, it remained close to 2.4% of the EU's GDP.

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