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Languages I can speak: Hungarian, Lisp, Broken Engrish

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They wear out if you write data on them, reading doesnt matter. if you just need them for install, you just write once and you can install the same arch on millions of computers

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No, this is not the most important SL lore:

Lost painting unknowingly used on set

One of the paintings used as set dressing for the Littles' home was Hungarian avant-garde painter Róbert Berény's 1920s painting Sleeping Lady with Black Vase, which had long been considered lost. A set designer for the film had purchased the painting at an antiques store in Pasadena, California, for $500 for use in the film, unaware of its significance. In 2009, art historian Gergely Barki, while watching Stuart Little on television with his daughter, noticed the painting, and after contacting the studios was able to track down its whereabouts.[8] In 2014, its owner sold the painting at an auction for €229,500.[9]



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Imagine some people are so materialistic that this is they only see in this story

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