crispy_kilt ,

Behold, as I piss off three countries at once:

I like the Kingdom of Kalmar

erwan ,

Norway, just because it's the only one I visited!

random_character_a , avatar

On a global level all Scandinavian countries are pretty much the same with similar people. If we talk about Nordic countries, like the picture suggests, Finland is the one that differs the most. But which is the best really depends what you like.

clark , avatar

*Nordic country.

Am Swedish. Norway and Denmark are superior. Finland is scary, cold, snowy, talking-in-tongues type of language. Iceland is good, too. Sweden is dead last.

justme ,


AI_toothbrush ,

Sweden. Reason: not denmark, not an oil economy. Also i live here soooo

thomasloven ,

reason: not denmark

Tell me you live in Sweden without telling me you live in Sweden, but then also tell me you live in Sweden.

AI_toothbrush ,

Its more like tell me you live in sweden or norway but yes

crispy_kilt ,

The Norwegians are way too busy being rich as fuck to waste time making fun of the Danish

joyofpeanuts ,
recklessengagement ,

Iceland. Its pretty, it has an interesting history, the culture is very egaltarian, and the people are quite friendly. And I love the cold.

Plus they make INSANELY good gin.

Shizu , avatar

Iceland. It's such a pretty island.

match , avatar

I was going to say Denmark but I just now learned about the spiralsagen so hey maybe Finland

LittleTarsier ,

I really like Norway because of shows like Lilyhammer and Norsemen. It seems Norwegians have a good sense of humour.

PhlubbaDubba ,


Because it makes the brits mad

makingrain , avatar

Scots are also Brits.

kandoh ,

My family is from Sweden but since I'm from Ontario I've always been attracted to the lakes in Finland.

sailingbythelee ,

Finland. Because they were total bad asses in the Winter War. Finnish ski troopers versus thousands of Soviet tanks in -40 weather? Fuck yeah.

Also, the Finnish sauna is the best sauna.

SwordInStone ,

Finland os not Scandinavian though

sailingbythelee ,

Fair enough. I chose to read it as Nordic rather than Scandinavian given the extent of the map.

1boiledpotato ,

Free City of Danzig

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