some_guy ,

They tried to give him a tv show. The premise was having people from opposite backgrounds swap lives. I watched one episode. It was shit.

He had one good (gimmicky) idea. The findings were shaky. It was still entertaining. Cancer is a son of a bitch.

FiskFisk33 ,

I hate to defend mcdonalds, but a dude died 20 years after eating exclusively mcdonalds for a month.

Yeah, no.

rusticus ,

And during that documentary (which no one was able to replicate) he was essentially an alcoholic, which is the real reason his liver enzymes were elevated and is statistically a much greater contributor to poor health than McDonalds.

Rhynoplaz ,

He ate McDonald's for 30 days. He was vegetarian and into fitness the rest of his life.

CountVon , avatar

He was a raging alcoholic who hid his illness from the medical professionals who examined him as part of his Super Size Me "experiment." A lifetime of booze did way more damage than 30 days of McDs possibly could.

Imgonnatrythis ,

Agree, the fucking veggies did this guy in.

Nythos ,

Vegans are a government PsyOp to get people to eat more veggies as a means of population control.

psud ,

And, of course the seventh day adventists, but for ruttyness control

altima_neo , avatar

Alcohol is made from veggies

FlexibleToast ,

And a whole lot of alcohol.

perishthethought ,

See also: the documentary starting Mr Spurlock titled, Super Size Me

felixwhynot , avatar

“That is the joke” -McBain

stanka ,

No one was able to replicate the level of health complications from the movie.
Apparently he was a raging alcoholic.

Alcohol kills. McDonalds is just sorta bad.

disguy_ovahea , (edited )

That’s true. He died of pancreatic cancer. Heavy alcohol use can lead to conditions such as chronic pancreatitis, which is known to increase pancreatic cancer risk. The largest associated cause of pancreatic cancer is food that is cooked until charred or blackened, which you won’t find much of at McDonald’s.

With that being said, don’t eat at McDonald’s. It’s terribly malnutritious, laden with chemical treatments, and sourced by forced prison slave labor.

umbrella , avatar

sourced by forced prison slave labor.

this one is news to me. how?

disguy_ovahea ,
can ,

A hidden path to America’s dinner tables begins here, at an unlikely source – a former Southern slave plantation that is now the country’s largest maximum-security prison.

One line in and already sounds like a horrible parody of the states that we'd call too on the nose

disguy_ovahea ,

It’s unfortunately constitutionally protected to use prisoners as slaves, so this is a nationwide problem.

can ,

Still sounds like a dystopian parody.

disguy_ovahea ,

It certainly does.

umbrella , avatar

holy shit

pelespirit , avatar

Who would actually try this? They said that McDonalds stopped the super-size shortly after wards, so it would have been hard to replicate anyway.

Guntrigger ,

His method wasn't specifically about eating super-size, it was just that he ate nothing but McDonald's for a month (and probably a lot of booze according to various sources).

Pulptastic ,

Whenever they tried to upsell him (super size, pie, shake, etc) he said yes

Guntrigger ,

That's true, but that only amounted to 9 meals out of 90 over the month. It wasn't really the burning issue, just a knee jerk reaction to the title of the film.

altima_neo , avatar

I believe a school tested it with some volunteers, someone also challenged the original movie by eating a healthy amount of calories of just McDonald's food.

can ,


Spurlock also admitted to struggling with alcoholism. While reflecting on his sobriety journey, Spurlock told ABC News he had to start with himself, adding, "I wished I'd done it 10 years ago."

Gormadt , avatar

As someone who also struggled with alcoholism, I wish I quit way sooner than I did.

This September will mark 6 years sober.

It's the longest I've ever been sober in my entire life.

Tylerdurdon ,

I've lost a brother and highschool friend to it. You're doing great, man. Stay with it.

Gormadt , avatar

I've lost quite a few people to various addictions over the years. Only 1 to drinking.

Storytime if you're curious

That one still haunts me oftentimes (though not as much as it used to) about a decade later. They were my long-term boyfriend at the time and after our mutual long-term girlfriend passed away suddenly we both fell off the wagon hard.

I made it out the other side of the path of self destruction, they didn't.

And when they passed I fell even harder into alcoholism.

My wakeup call was when my doctor asked how many drinks I had per week and when I told him he had me go through the math right there for how I calculated it. It was over 300.

I was there because of some health issues that turned out to be liver problems.

I got sober a few months later.

Sobriety can be a real bitch to maintain at first but it gets easier the longer you're sober. Especially if you utilize the new found clarity of mind to address the causes of your addiction.

I'll never drink again.

can ,

That's still awesome progress. Congratulations.

Gormadt , avatar

Thank you

It wasn't easy but I'd recommend it to everyone for sure

grrgyle , avatar

Nice! I'm not even at a full year and I'm like, damn if I'd known the dry life would be so much better I would've never started drinking. Physically/mentally/emotionally/(sexually) everything has just got better. Even things like singing and dancing (which I could barely bring myself to do after a full night of boozing) are better sober.

HulkSmashBurgers ,

This month marks 15 years sober for a friend of mine. Keep up the great work, you can do it.

AndrasKrigare ,
deegeese , avatar

Only took 20 years!

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