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Retired tech nerd still enjoying tech just for the fun of it. Things that fascinate me: Computer #networking, #security, #privacy & Scottish single malt #whisky (not necessarily in that order). Concerned about: #Climate Change, unchecked #capitalism, political #corruption, #fascism, erosion of #privacy. Living #Blue in a deeply #Red state.

Proud #cat dad to three moggies.

Born at 320ppm CO2.

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SwiftOnSecurity , to Random
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When you see it you’ll shit brix

moelassus ,
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@SwiftOnSecurity murders your wife?

arstechnica , to Random
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Comcast, hemorrhaging subscribers, to bundle Apple TV+, Netflix, Peacock & cable

Comcast wants to tie its cable/Internet to your streaming subscriptions.


moelassus ,
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@arstechnica Why not stop being an asshole ISP, revamp your customer service and stop nickel and diming your customers. Oh never mind.

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