CptEnder ,

Lmao this is so true for any tech /c/ on Lemmy though. "I have this driver issue that's slowing down my rig" "YnOLiNUX????"

Like, cool. But my literal job relies on either Win or OSX...

HKayn ,
@HKayn@dormi.zone avatar

Cue the Lemmy users confidently suggesting you just convince your workplace to migrate to Linux.

nickwitha_k ,

Currently on Fedora Silverblue. I think I'm settling there for a base system/local hypervisor. Tried NixOS but, as someone who has been Linuxing and programming for over a decade, I don't think it is for me (I don't like the syntax or need for a DSL - give me a tool that uses a standardized language like JSON or YAML, not one that forces me to use a language that is of no use anywhere else - not to mention the garbage documentation; if the Getting Started docs don't result in a system that is functional including a networking stack, it is insufficient and no, Discord is not documentation).

fossilesque ,
@fossilesque@mander.xyz avatar

I use Ubuntu btw.

user224 ,
@user224@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

I currently have broken dependencies due to package from AUR which stops me from updating.
After last update everything is laggy after resuming laptop from sleep.
After last update, I cannot boot up with Linux 5.15. With nomodeset I was able to at least get TTY to upgrade kernel to 6.6.
Sometimes the function buttons die.
Stable now received upgrade to Plasma 6. It will likely kill my install.
I fear updates.
I fear updates.
I fear updates.
I fear updates.
I fear...

I use Manjaro, btw.

kionite231 ,

I use Linux Mint and it works great at least for my use cases. I mainly use it for coding in python and Java.

SeattleRain ,


Pacmanlives ,

Accidentally installed Gentoo instead while sleeping. Fuuuuuuuu

Steamymoomilk ,
@Steamymoomilk@sh.itjust.works avatar

But now you know they way of portage

helenslunch ,
@helenslunch@feddit.nl avatar

Arch solves a lot of problems...

Midnight1938 ,

Even back pain

JoMiran ,
@JoMiran@lemmy.ml avatar

I started my Linux life with Red Hat Halloween. Back then all Linux distros were a loveable clusterfuck, and an adventure. That's my experience with Arch. It's an adventure.

Fuck that. I am too old and have too much shit to do to be fighting my OS on a daily basis. I always recommend Pop!_OS for NVidia users, LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) for the set it and forget it crowd, and standard Mint or Fedora for everyone else. Fedora more so for the folk interested in working corporate IT because RHEL or one of its clones is almost always what the company servers are running.

CubitOom , (edited )

I recommend EndeavorOS now to everyone that actually wants to learn linux, or people that don't want to be "fighting" their os.

It works enough to not have to do anything to it besides update, including installing nvidia drivers. And it's arch based so they can just read the arch wiki if they have questions.

Honestly the only issue ive had with it is one of apps not working on wayland so i just had to switch to x11.

Its a little less noob friendly than manjaro (they had great guis that make it so you never need to open a terminal at all) but i cant recommend manjaro anymore since they dont support the latest version of pacman.

As far as an os that's close to enterprise servers, if they aren't contanerizing the workloads and running k8s on a distroless (or atleast minimal) base image then i don't want to work there anyway.

Classy ,

I have had the exact experience you're describing, as a Linux noob. I used Ubuntu Cinnamon for a while, and it worked well OOTB but it also felt a bit too much like using a Mac or something. Very streamlined, not as customizable, it didn't really inspire you to go out learning how Linux works. Plus all of the things I've heard about Red Hat made me want to make a change, and EndeavourOS has been awesome. It's incredibly fast and lightweight, and I've been able to configure it to do just about everything I want to so far. If it fails short, it only ever really seems to be just a lack of knowledge on my part.

jawa21 ,
@jawa21@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

I didn't want to do any of that crap either, which is why I installed Garuda. I love the workflow of ocean and may, but have no interest in spending an entire day installing an OS. It has been really good to me.

db2 ,


ChihuahuaOfDoom ,

Reject Arch, embrace Mint.

rodbiren ,

In kernel maintainer's Linux, Arch boot you

FiniteBanjo ,

I tried Mint and I kind of didn't like it, but it might be necessary to keep a copy around after Windows EoL in 2025.

mexicancartel ,

No its not necessary to keep for Windows EoL. You have other distros

FiniteBanjo ,

No, the other distros are for actually using. Mint is for software that runs on Windows.

mexicancartel ,

Mint can run software that runs on windows? If you mean through wine, any other distros can do that too

WeLoveCastingSpellz ,

Mint is okay but I csn't imagine using something that old

TimeSquirrel ,
@TimeSquirrel@kbin.social avatar

Reject Mint, embrace Debian.

dukatos ,

You spelled Devuan wrong!

nickwitha_k ,

Reject rejection, embrace all distros.

jawa21 ,
@jawa21@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

Can't, Pacman will eat me.

distantsounds ,

Arch makes me feel like a fly on a turtle’s back soaring through the cosmos

tsonfeir ,
@tsonfeir@lemmy.world avatar

I think that’s just the shrooms.

distantsounds ,
jawa21 ,
@jawa21@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

Proper shoutout here to !unix_surrealism

distantsounds ,

Best comic in the Fediverse

fossilesque ,
@fossilesque@mander.xyz avatar

I relate so much to this.

topperharlie ,

this is accurate, I use the computer a lot and I use arch (BTW). Ergo, all people in lemmi must be doing this.

That is how science works, right? (I used latin words and all)

tsonfeir ,
@tsonfeir@lemmy.world avatar

I used ergo today, too. Not including this use.

roguetrick ,

Ergo my balls.

tsonfeir ,
@tsonfeir@lemmy.world avatar

Quaeso tenere globulos

fossilesque ,
@fossilesque@mander.xyz avatar

Queso tiene globos.

FuglyDuck ,
@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

Well. Picard would moralize a bit too much before getting on Arch. but, he ain't wrong.

radix ,
@radix@lemm.ee avatar

Hotel? Trivago.

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