Paradachshund ,

Everyone in here saying this or that salt is better... You can use more than one kind y'all, it's not a competition.

Thteven , avatar


Katana314 ,

So which would you consider crazier: The random Helldiver streamer, or:


Hugh_Jeggs ,

Sounds like something someone who's never licked the ocean would say

boatsnhos931 ,

Sounds better than discussing sea salt tbh

Cypher ,

Iodized salt is superior for eliminating iodine deficiency and preventing goiters which I find highly disturbing.

idiomaddict ,

Sea salt does that too; the tiny shellfish remnants that prevents it from being kosher have a bunch of iodine.

ryannathans ,

I just mix nacl with kcl half half

g0d0fm15ch13f , avatar

Sorry that you haven't tried himalayan salt brother

OttoVonNoob OP ,

Oh I like the pink stuff, I just feel sea has a stronger flavour and mixes better with Olive oil. The pink stuff is healthier though right?

g0d0fm15ch13f , avatar

Honestly idk lol, but the first time I made cookies topped with himalayan salt flakes I became an instant convert from sea salt and haven't looked back.

Annoyed_Crabby ,
alcoholicorn ,

What about MSG, KCl, and the salts that have trace minerals?

Hupf ,

You should only use them in water that has trace solvents.

anyhow2503 ,

Consider what trace minerals actually means, then think about the tiny amounts of salt used for cooking.

hperrin ,

That is definitely your fault for letting randos @everyone in your server.

OttoVonNoob OP ,

Not my server

My as in a place I belong

SkyezOpen ,

Well that's an issue that needs fixed. Simply ctrl + c ctrl + v @everyone 37 times in a row and it should be remedied in short order.

aStonedSanta ,

Lmfao. Either by removal of you or fixing the pinging.

danny801 , avatar

Imagine running a "server" but not bothering to set permissions correctly.

You get what you deserve.

idiomaddict ,

It’s not a bad thing to allow members to all communicate with everyone. If I joined a discord server and didn’t have permission to participate immediately (or after filling out the survey/age verification/etc.), I’d leave. If I was that shameless a streamer, I’d lie on the survey.

LwL ,

Allowing everyone to ping @everyone is asking for it though.

knorke3 ,

Depends on the server size and the people usually on it tbh.

LwL ,

If it's a public server (which the op would imply) then it's a problem because any idiot could join. Of course for some small server with friends it's fine. Though I have it off on mine anyway because people assume they don't have perms and will just write @everyone anyway

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