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Knock off Mario brothers

mexicancartel ,

Hmmm malayali hmmm hmmm....

emergencyfood OP ,


riodoro1 ,

Hehe funni.

RickAstleyfounddead ,

Intention of posting it here?

emergencyfood OP ,

Look at the party affiliations of the winner and runner-up.

RickAstleyfounddead ,

Socialism stonks

hydroptic , (edited )

It'd be funny if they were eg. Revolutionary Socialist Party and Socialist Revolutionary Party, or Communist Party of India and Indian Communist Party. Now it's just… well, two parties with very different names and different politics (socialism ≠ communism) (edit: see reply comment re politics of the RSP)

emergencyfood OP ,

Ah, I see. India has the Communist Party of India, the CPI (Marxist), the CPI (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, the Communist Marxist Party, and the CMP-A, the Revolutionary Marxist Party, and an even greater number of socialist parties. They have aligned with and against each other through the ages, but I just posted this combination because I found it while going through last week's election results and found it funny.

hydroptic ,

Ha now see, those would definitely fit the bill

velox_vulnus , (edited )

RSP is a proper communist party, with it's root in the HSRA, the original revolutionary communist party in British India. Communist parties break away a lot, because they disagree with each other. Coming with names is hard, because they're already taken, so they have to use the word related to 'socialism'.

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