Bytemeister ,

I use Windows, and I like it.

Also, Stockholm syndrome.

thefrankring , avatar

I use Windows though.

luciferofastora ,

I use Windows btw.

At work. On my company laptop. For tools that don't run on wine (I tried, believe me).

And I fucking hate it.

UnderpantsWeevil , avatar

Carving my soul into seven unholy partitions in order to maintain my unnatural existence as a Windows Guy whose shit still works.

VinnyDaCat ,

Going into any passionate community and dissenting for the purpose of dissenting is outright flamebait and nothing more.

299792458ms , avatar

Some days ago I found a Windows user Youtube channel and he was so hateful towards Linux, it was sad to se this behaviour. It just seems that hateful people attract the same kind of people.... Limux, Windows or otherwise

umbrella , avatar
possiblylinux127 , avatar

I wish Windows didn't suck

EnderMB ,

I use Windows. It does what it needs to do, and while I haven't upgraded past 10, it's not complained about much.

At home I switch between Fedora and Windows, but at work I use OSX because using Linux at work gets you a shitty laptop instead of a MBP. I work for a big tech company, with the Windows and Mac user communities being pretty much the same size. What I've noticed is that Windows is fairly tolerable, and often has few issues that don't need IT intervention. The MacOS community, while often being more technical because it's used by tech workers, has a lot more issues than any other. Major OS updates are events that take months of planning because it's guaranteed that thousands of people will essentially brick their laptops trying to just do a standard upgrade. Everything seems to break all the time, which is mad when you consider that Apple is a trillion dollar company with one hardware line. Windows and Linux support many hardware lines.

Ultimately, you know what you're getting with each choice. All I care about is that my OS does what it intends to do.

MindTraveller ,

Harry Potter sucks and deserves to be forgotten

Hugh_Jeggs ,

The people that have problems with Windows and have to ask for help, shouldn't be using Linux because it'll confuse the poor souls even further.

The people that know exactly how to configure and use Windows with zero problems have no need to use Linux

This covers 98% of the computing population.

Linux users always try to convince both groups they should be using Linux then wonder why people think they're annoying


Murdoc ,

The people that have problems with Windows and have to ask for help, shouldn't be using Linux because it'll confuse the poor souls even further.

My mother got so fed up with her windows problems that she asked me to put Linux on her computer. While she still had problems after that, she found them manageable and was happy with it ever since.

The people that know exactly how to configure and use Windows with zero problems have no need to use Linux

Nobody has zero problems with either os. The difference is whether you want to deal with problems that are just technical, or due to incompetence and profit motive.

JoMiran , avatar

I have been using Linux since Red Hat Halloween (~1995). I use Windows. I use Linux. I use Mac. I use the best tool for the specific job.

Railcar8095 ,

Agreed. Mac for work, Linux for general use and gaming. Windows for when my father needs to use my computer to check Facebook.

joneskind , avatar

bUt It'S jUsT tO pLaY GaMeS

UnfortunateShort ,

I have to, for work - which is why I am happy whenever they do stuff right. That said, there is also a lot of schadenfreude whenever they think something along the lines of "let's tell people we will screenshot everything".

Whatever MS does, I win.

NaibofTabr , (edited )

Run Qubes

Run whatever OS environment you need, in its own instance. Run a virtual networking stack. Crosslink your environments as needed. Segregate your environments as needed. Create new environments as needed. Destroy them as needed. Expand your virtual infrastructure.

Experiment with BSD and then realize that TrueNAS Scale is the last NAS environment you'll ever need, and you didn't really want to spend time on BSD anyway. Expand your server and network infrastructure.

Run every environment. Realize that you actually have a lot to learn about Windows, especially server and AD forests, and all the stuff you've complained about is actually kind of petty next to the monolith of professional computing environment that Microsoft has built (and also keeps making unnecessary self-harming changes to, and wtf is with user CALs anyway?). Learn to do user and domain management for real. Then learn what the real problems with Microsoft are.

Experiment with Redox, then give up and do something more useful with your time.

Install Xen Orchestra on some cheap secondhand Dell server you bought off eBay. Run a proper VM cloud environment. Run everything on top of it. Create your own VM golden images for the environments you use most often. Your personal computer doesn't even have a local OS installed anymore, it's just a terminal that runs whichever VM you need from your Xen server at the moment. Reject limitations.

OS elitism is for the weak and the simple. Enlightenment is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, and getting the best from all of them.

caseyweederman ,

You can watch it on Qubes. You can literally stream it on Redox. You can watch it on Xen Orchestra. Subscribe to user CALs.

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