foone , (edited ) avatar

I may have accidentally been paying for an unused VPS for, uh, 36 months.

eletious , avatar

@foone i recently put a neglected VPS to sleep after a year and a half ... RIP lil buddy

baljemmett , avatar

@foone I, er, may have done this too a while ago, except for 200 of them. It only took me two years to get around to logging in and shutting them down though.

smiddi , avatar

And now look at all the tld, you pay for.

smiddi , avatar

Like a gym: They live of people who pay, but don't use it.

khionu , avatar

@foone mood

yujiri , avatar

@foone how much did that cost

bloor , avatar

@foone who among us….. ? etc

bhasic , avatar

@foone ADD does that

angelastella , avatar


Are they that cheap!?

foone OP , avatar

@angelastella not really , but I was paying for another VPS from the same hoster, so I thought the Xty$/month I was paying was for one VPS, not two.

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