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AT&T paid bribes to get two major pieces of legislation passed, US gov’t says

Payments helped AT&T obtain key legislative wins in Illinois, prosecutors say.

TheNovemberMan , avatar

@arstechnica Gee, &T breaking the laws for corporate greed?

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SaftyKuma , avatar


AT&T Executives who will go to jail: 0.

klausfiend , avatar

@arstechnica Oh, AT&T got up to something shifty and illegal. Must have been a day that ends in "y".

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billyjoebowers , avatar


I thought bribery wasn't illegal any more.

kitsuneofinari , avatar

@arstechnica Oh so they are finally calling "Lobbying" what it actually is and charging someone with Federal charges....

While they are at it, why don't they do a full investigation of everyone in Congress. /s

rotopenguin , avatar

@arstechnica I hope they get fined a hundred dollars.

(Thank god there's no "corporate death penalty")

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