NutWrench , avatar

Let's see: Socialism:
A system of government where the country's wealth is concentrated into a small, ruling class of billionaires, who use the media they own to keep the lower classes fighting with each other while they . . . the rich . . . run off with all the farking money.

Oh wait. that's capitalism. I don't know how I got those two systems confused.

kat_angstrom ,

Pretty sure that's not a direct quote.

Cowbee , avatar

Do you think Marx would disagree?

kat_angstrom ,

Yes, I think he would not call people names, he'd instead give lengthy explanations of their shortcomings and failings.

Cowbee , avatar

Marx would absolutely call bourgeois parties names, dude would've been a poster.

Godric ,
Confidant6198 OP ,

Everything I don’t like is preachy 🤣

Daxtron2 ,

I love when people compare themselves to Rick as if thats a good thing.

MetaCubed ,

I think its probably possible to use a meme format without intending it to compare yourself to the subject of the meme

Viking_Hippie ,

You mean people who like one thing but dislike a similar thing DON'T all think they're Drake?? Preposterous!

MetaCubed ,

I know, it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm sorry I even suggested it in the first place. /s

emberpunk ,

'anyways so where was I, 1 coat = 20 yards of linen'

PolandIsAStateOfMind , avatar

20 yards of Lenin

Cowbee , avatar

The only valid price for a coat I'll accept.

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