impudentmortal ,

Men will do anything to not carry a bag

TheControlled ,

Hard to say but those boots look kinda fem

Droptherock ,

That’s a Taurus 709 Slim! I have that same pistol. Great concealed carry gun.

Kakaofruchttafel ,

Why would you want to conceal a gun you're carrying? Not you in particular I mean, in general.

Lightor ,

I took a conceal carry course and one of the main reasons they say to do it is safety. If you are open carrying in a store and someone wants to rob it they will either get scared off or take you out first. It's not worth the risk. That and I would always worry about someone just rushing me and trying to take/use it.

Diurnambule ,

I never knew you could do that with shoes... This change my entire point of vue about cowboy shoes. From ridiculous it went for "amazing their is pockets inside"

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