AchtungDrempels ,

Nice. But since you're asking for criticism, almost nothing is in focus, i guess only the water in the very front :)

Edit: front does also not seem to be in focus really. Not sure what happened here 1/125 should be fast enough to compensate shaky hands with a 55 mm

FQQD OP , avatar

I just used autofocus for the middlepoint of the picture, but yeah, sadly it didn't do a good job :/

FQQD OP , avatar

Oh, for anyone wondering, this is Sønderborg, Denmark.

FatLegTed , avatar

Sailed to here a few times whilst I was in Army in the 80's. We'd sail out of the British Army Sailing Club at Kiel and potter about up and down the coast of Denmark. Damp, Flensburg, Sønderborg and once overt to Søby and then Ærøskøbing. Some of the best times I had in the army were sailing in the Baltic.

FQQD OP , avatar

Oh yeah, I've actually heard from a few people how beautiful Denmark is from the water!

The_Che_Banana , avatar

Very neat!

Servais , avatar

Thanks for sharing this here!

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